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Bleep Bulimia Episode Four Whitney Wiley Interviews LaurieAnn

Interesting turn of events.  Whitnie started the interview with questions about my chapter in the #1 Best Seller 1 Habit for Entrepreneurial Success with Forbes Riley and Steve Samblis.  Whe I began to speak about bulimia, Whitnie’s interest perked up and she speaks to it resonating with her, and proceeded to ask me more aboutContinue reading “Bleep Bulimia Episode Four Whitney Wiley Interviews LaurieAnn”

Welcome to Bleep “Midlife” Bulimia

Why this “Blog” and Podcast? Because here I am 58 years old, and 10 years recovered, and I thought back one day. “How many other women in their 40s and 50s and even 60s still struggle with bulimia? Afterall, I was 48 before I recovered. That was 30 years after I started. I was actuallyContinue reading “Welcome to Bleep “Midlife” Bulimia”