Welcome to Bleep “Midlife” Bulimia

Why this “Blog” and Podcast? Because here I am 58 years old, and 10 years recovered, and I thought back one day. “How many other women in their 40s and 50s and even 60s still struggle with bulimia? Afterall, I was 48 before I recovered. That was 30 years after I started. I was actually just shy of 18 when it began.

I decided to make sure that women out there that age know they are not alone. In fact, statistics are pretty high for women in their midlife either still finding it a challenge to “stop”, and have been bulimics since their adolescence or teenage years.

Others yet are just starting into it in their forties because they are panicking about the body change, the menopausal stage. What I call Adult Puberty. Think about, our bodies start to change, instead of getting our period, we are losing it. Hot flashes start, and for some, maintaining weight seems harder.

I think worst of all, we start to try to maintain the same size and figure we had in our twenties and thirties. This is not reality.

So this is it. I want to share the real experiences in a light hearted way, and have place where you can read, relate, and best I can, I will make it entertaining rather than painful. Although the obstacles of overcoming bulimia in itself is not funny, some of us can come up with some pretty outlandish stories.

Feel free to submit to me anything you feel you would like to contribute. You can send it by email to bleepbulimia@gmail.com.

Oh, and you may wonder why my site has many stuffed animals? I find them comforting. And I really prefer cuddling stuffed animals, even at my age, then stuffing myself. It’s therapeutic, and more comforting then comfort foods that at one time I just threw up. Try it. There is still a child in all of us.

To sign up as a guest on my podcast visit https://www.bleepbulimia.com You can also visit us on FB at https://www.facebook.com/groups/bleepbulimia For support group you can visit FB at https://www.facebook.com/groups/bullimiaddict On instagram @bullimiaddict and @bleepbulimia 10 year blog is at https://www.bullimiaddict.com, as is the link to get the book How to Have Your Cake & Not Eat It All Too (also at https://www.howtohavecake.com)

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