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Bleep Bulimia Episode Eight with Elizabeth Hall Intuative Eating Counselor and Life Coach

Not realizing that dieting perpetually was not the way it was suppose to be and watching it escalate from restrictions to increased binging, Elizabeth began to try to heal her own relationship with food, and in so doing it led her to become an Intuative Eating Counselor.

She used food to comfort and soothe herself with food as a child.  She also said she had a bigger body shape than the others in her body, and from there she went on a diet path which carried on into her 40s before she realized she had to do something about it.

Why binge?  Elizabeth explains that restricting, not being connected to your emotions, being disconnected to your body and not being in touch with the reasons for discomfort could trigger the binges. 

When discussing fear of foods, which is common with bulimics, their “restricted” foods, Elizabeth was asked if she had suggestions.  She says awareness first is important, that there is something underneath the fear, and getting curious about what is underneath that fear is one way to disconnect to the auto-response to it being about the food, and the food being the source of the problem.  She also states that it is important to have compassion.

In that moment when the bulimic knows he/she wants to have an episode, and is reaching out, how can they resist pursuing the desire?  Elizabeth explains to have complete compassion in the moment and exclude the judgement.  It’s important to stop and be okay with whatever is happening, because the body is doing something that it thinks is helping and protecting.  Reaching out, using the tools are important.  However it is important to understand it takes practice and it won’t happen all at once. 

We covered moments of boredom as well.  In those moments, it is beneficial is again to become curious and investigate and not to place judgement.  We also discussed that being “bored” is sometimes a way of your mind expressing the need to slow down and it’s important to learn to “sit in your boredom”.  “There is a notion that we should never be bored.  That is not true.”

Other topics were about perfection, trying to be something to everyone, and learning to focus on being “with self”.   I love when she states “getting comfortable with our discomfort”.

You can reach Elizabeth at, on instagram @elizabethhallcoaching and on Facebook at

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