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Lisa Arnold’s Podcast How Do You Want To Be Seen with LaurieAnn on Bulimia

It was such a pleasure being interviewed by Lisa Arnold. What a kind soul and beautiful lady. Thank you for sharing this Lisa. It’s so important for people to be aware of the fact that bulimia is not just a struggle for the young adolescents and young adults. It exists in women who are reaching and have reached midlife and beyond.It’s with gratitude that I share this podcast. You can listen to more inspiring episode on Lisa’s podcast at How Do You Want To Be Seen.Anyone out there struggling and would like to join a support group go to Midlife Bulimia Recovery Group.

To sign up as a guest on my podcast visit You can also visit us on FB at For support group you can visit FB at On instagram @bullimiaddict and @bleepbulimia 10 year blog is at, as is the link to get the book How to Have Your Cake & Not Eat It All Too (also at

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