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Bulimia & Life Insurance

No one with bulimia will want to hear this, however I feel it is important to share.I remember being 35 and deciding I wanted Life Insurance. I had signed up in my 20s, however as many young people struggling financially will do, when the money was short, I cancelled. Much to my regret today, however you can’t go back.

Little did I know that when an Insurance company contacts your doctor, which they do when it comes to a certain type of insurance, that the disclosure of my bulimia would cause the insurance company to decline my application.

That’s right. Bulimia is cause for denial of Life Insurance, and can be for Health Insurance.

I was told I had to go one year without bulimia before I could reapply. I did do that year bulimia free and got my insurance. Point is, to that, if I would die from complications relating to bulimia even after being accepted, in the end the claim would have been denied.

Things we don’t think about when we are bulimic. Things people don’t tell us.

Bulimia, like suicide, can void a life insurance claim.

This is important to know…

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