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Bleep Bulimia Episode 16 with Cindy Marshall Health and Wellness Coach on Depersonalization and Bulimia

What is depersonalization, and what is derealization?  Cindy shares the difference and we spoke to the fact that they are a numbing process, much like bulimia becomes.

It was such a lovely conversation speaking to the tribal theory, of how it is to feel one doesn’t belong.

Cindy spoke to addiction, and does share some books that can help with overcoming addiction.  Much like most addictions, they are used to numb.

It’s a wonder why there are so many people who struggle with addictions, with means to numb.  We also discussed the many times you hear about people not feeling “good enough” these days.

Cindy is presently writing a book to be released soon, and she offers workshops and one on one coaching.  You can contact her at  You can access her Habits For Thrive program there or you can reach her directly at

Many have been known to “numb” themselves.  We chat about that and the feeling of “not belonging”.  It’s interesting that our business world adopted the “tribal” as a description of culture within an orgnization, yet the familial and friendship circle tribes are not as easy to define, nor to be comfortable with.

Has our human evolvement, particularly from the 60’s on, created a disassociation, disconnect and is it increasing or will the coming generations realize the value of this belonging?

Not everything we spoke about, however interesting afterthoughts…

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