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Bleep Bulimia Episode 18 with Dai Manuel Father of Teenaged Girls and Dating His Wife for 21 Years on Internal Development

I was so pleased to have a male reach out to me to be on my Podcast!  Dai Manuel shares with me several experiences in his life, including his time when he was morbidly obese, when he used alcohol as a crutch and his decision to leave his 17 year position in a business he was co-founder to start brand new.

Listen to his metaphor about dark corners in the house,  So many of us live our lives even in a state of tolerance, even if they create pain and sadness.  We live in “auto-pilot”.  It is when we recognize and acknowledge habits that do not help the situation, the next step is to decide to take action to “stop doing that and start doing this”.

Enough is enough.

A poignant part of this interview was when Dai spoke to his “ritual” when he was obese and taking a shower, and the one day he didn’t have time for the ritual, and suddenly the mirror spoke to him, in so many terms.  Too was when Dai shared that what he feared more than staying where he was at that time was a future of himself staying the same.

I loved when he said “I was doing, I was being…. I helped the change along, I was the one who was creating the change.  Up to that point I thought I was just the victim of change… it wasn’t my fault… ”  That was his first encounter with change.

There is always a way around, however we stay in our safe spot.   We often think  “by stopping (what we are doing that doesn’t serve us), all the things I worked so hard to get rid of I will be welcoming back in my life.”  It’s not necessarily true, unless we believe it is true. 

Listen to find out about Dai’s new start….

You can reach Dai at, and @daimanuel on instagram or simply search Dai Manuel on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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