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Bleep Bulimia Episode 21 with Emma-Jane Taylor Author & Keynote Speaker About Child Abuse & Bulimia

Emma-Jane began with sharing about her childhood, her time with her family, the happy moments, followed by being sexually abused and the ultimate alienationation of her father.  These experiences were devastating for Emma-Jane.  Over time she became rebellious, and “monster”, as she says, who hated life, hated people and hated making decision (on a personal level).

Those around Emma-Jane eventually felt that she would either be dead or in jail by the age of 20.

Emma-Jane had developed bulimia in her teens.  During this time she also had a family friend sexually abuse her on several occasions.  She went into therapy at the age of 23 and states it took almost 30 years to bring her to the point of loving herself.

She remembers telling her therapist later in life about her bulimia and she was mortified to do this, however she knew that it was a part of her life, and she wanted to make sure that the triggers that could be overwhelming could be controlled.  The therapist gave Emma-Jane simple tools to settle her mind, and with the support has come through it. 

We spoke to the biggest challenges – of not being able to sleep at night,  to her finding a way back to loving with a trust, and what forgiveness means to Emma-Jane.

Emma-Jane is a Child Abuse activist and her second book is out this year, along with a global project.

Emma-Jane published book is called Don’t Hold Back, based on her story;  where she was, where she ended up and where she is going, and helps others to help get through difficult times.  You can reach Emma at where all the links to her articles, videos and social media links are posted.  You can ask her any questions, and she will respond.

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