Bleep Bulimia Episode 27 Bulimia and Teeth and a SMILE

I’m not going to lie.  I had great teeth.  My bulimia killed them.  We don’t really understand the consequences of the amount of acid that is in our stomach when we binge and purge.

Oh wait a minute!  “But I am purging within a short time so the stomach acid shouldn’t be a problem!”  

Sorry, yes it is.  It will completely destroy the enamel.  It WILL do that.  Stomach acid happens fast.  And if you have friends and family who go to the dentist and get whitening?  You can’t without your enamel.  You can, however, spend way more money one crowns.  

My teeth are not perfect.  My daughter asked me why I didn’t just get dentures.  In a weird way, I am proud of my teeth that still stood by me.  And I don’t want to wake up in the morning without them.  My teeth to me are like family.  Some here may think I am weird.  Some may understand.  The two teeth I had to say goodbye to in the back, I cried.  They were a part of me for 50 years.  I killed them from bulimia.  I did that.    My choice.  My life choice.

I am dealing with this, and I AM going to keep all the teeth that went through this with me.  I don’t need to look perfect!  I thank my parents for helping me with my front teeth, and my dentist for loving me and helping me keep working on keeping my original teeth, even if by crowning them.  I want original.  I am sad I failed my teeth, and my skin by abusing my privilege of not hurting myself.  However, I embrace my wrinkles, my aging look, and all that came with my life.  

I only wish and hope though that I can help others either deal with these consequences too, however even more so, to learn to love themselves no matter even if this happened to them.

BE ALIVE!! That’s the saying I have now.  I quit.  Bulimia stopped being my best friend, thank God.  In hindsight… she was my Cruella.  More to come on that. 🙂
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