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Bleep Bulimia Episode 29 with Cristina Castagnini Licensed Psychologist and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist

What a pleasure to meet Cristina Castagnini.  I was really taken by the story she shares about starting off not wanting to bring “her own stuff” into the room.  She has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

During her experience of asking questions as a Marriage and Family Therapist, there was a lot that she could relate to with the answers about body image from her clients.

With this, she realized people needed to find someone they can trust who has experienced the same feelings, and experiences.  To that, Cristina became a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and she says she loves it.

Cristina is a special person helping to spread the word and awareness about eating disorders and the “consuming nature of it all”.

You can also listen to her Podcast “Behind The Bite” and reach out to her at and at

More about Crisitina:

A real doctor who really recovered from an eating disorder gives the personal and professional perspectives about struggles with food, weight and body image.  Visit  This is a direct link to my free 9 week email course to help anyone who wants to start healing their relationship with food and their body.  

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