Bleep Bulimia Episode 36 with Karina LifeArt Holistic Health Practitioner and Podcaster

What a beautiful lady.  I loved that Karina opened up about her own struggles with limiting beliefs, her admission of moving from a “party world” to holistic, and I believe one of the biggest take away was her speaking to sometimes we feel ill, and it being the body manifesting a “purging” of emotions naturally.  However, in the bulimia world, this is not to be mistaken for choosing over the body manifesting.

Why is that?  Although we discussed it briefly, I believe there is more to this.

What really fascinated me was at the end of our conversation Karina spoke to healing through stretching.  I believe this to be true!

If you want to learn more about this please connect with Karina.  You can reach her at

More about Karina:

My name is Karina. I transformed my party lifestyle through yoga & holistic health. I was working in corporate work in marketing for many years. Over time I realize that fulfilling social expectations is not making me happy. I started to learn about health, nutrition, exercise, and spirituality. Moved out from Poland to Iceland then to Mexico. Currently in travel. I’m sharing my passion about health and consciousness on the podcast BODY IS A TEMPLE. Teaching yoga, flexibility, scientific stretching and sensual Pole Dance. Inspiring others to be themselves and how to discover what it means.
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