Bleep Bulimia Episode 37 with Emma Stroud Comedy Performer, Speaker, Coach and Clown

Absolutely the best way to start a day. 

Emma Stroud, a comedy performer, speaker, MC, speaker mentor, coach and clown.

Clown?  I asked her about this and she so eloquently described the meaning of a clown.

Brought me back to the days when I tried to be a class clown and ended up with detentions.  So I stopped.  I will say I really enjoyed it though.

Emma didn’t stop.  She has made a career of making people laugh, think and play.

We so often forget to play.  It’s my favorite thing to do, and I have been thought of as weird as an adult who doesn’t want to adult all the time.

I believe we all have a child in us that still wants to play, and I love that Emma reflects my beliefs.

Does it take away the adulting, the pains we go through in life?  No.  However, humor makes things better.

Thank you, in the your endearing name “Em”, as you referred yourself to, for agreeing to be a guest.   Truly a beautiful message to my listeners.

And make sure you get her book!  Coming September 26th!!  Lesson From A Clown –  How to have courage to show up for yourself and laugh everyday.

You can find Emma at and at to join her Global Movement Laugh. Think. Play which was launched in 2021.

More about Emma:

Emma Stroud is a speaker, comedy performer, MC, speaker mentor, coach and clown.

With over twenty years of experience across all sectors she makes people laugh and think and play more.  Her new Global Movement Laugh. Think. Play was launched in 2021. 

She writes regularly for various magazines including Psychologies Magazine, The Edge (institute of Leadership and Management magazine and Cosmopolitan to name a few) and has been a featured expert on the BBC and ITV and her podcast Clowning Around.. launched successfully in Feb 2020.

Her latest film Re:Framed will be shown later this year around the world

Her Tedx talk “Be More Banana” is the only Tedx talk where the speaker is dressed as a Banana.

Her book Lessons From a Clown:  What the Clown taught the business coach and how these will change your life is out later in 2021.

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