Bleep Bulimia Episode 38 with Host LaurieAnn About Bricks

Fun fact.  I had the “help” wrong.  It was “serve other people at all times”.  However, same goes.  It is very important to serve yourself to be able to serve others.

And too, when you are serving everyone else you do lose yourself.

Too food is not your all.  When you are bulimic, you focus all on the food.

You don’t care anymore what your body is telling you!  When you recover you become so aware of your body and NOT to let it retaliate.

And then the bricks.  When you are speaking to someone who has managed to let you pull one brick off your wall, don’t put it back up.  They are trying to bring you one brick off at a time to be able to take down that wall and set you free.

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