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Bleep Bulimia Episode 61 with Deborah Levine Multiple Health Issues Warrior


Wonderful conversation with Deborah Levine about her life and how she overcame the obstacles of multiple health issues, being a single mother, and building a life that is truly inspiring.

Although this episode does not cover much about bulimia, other than a couple of stories that were relatable, it is an inspirational one with hope resilience.

More about Deborah:

DEBORAH LEVINE is Founder/Editor-in-Chief of the American Diversity Report, an award-winning author of 15 books, and Forbes Magazine Diversity And Inclusion Trailblazer. Despite a near-death experience working in Uzbekistan, Deborah has 33 years of experience as a change-maker in challenging times, a legacy that goes back generations. Her grandfather is one of Bermuda’s Founding 400 and she’s part of the only Jewish family on the island for 4 generations. Her father was a US intelligence officer during World War II, trained at Fort Ritchie to interrogate Nazi prisoners of war. Her mother was a special education pioneer in the 1940s. 

  Deborah is a Designer of Cognitive Diversity using emotion metrics, neuro-communication, and decision-optimization. With her considerable experience in program planning, community interface, teaching, and management, she designs DEI projects that boost inclusion efforts on multiple levels. 
  Over 3 decades, Deborah developed programs to empower women. She served on the all-female executive committee of the Oklahoma Say No to Hate Coalition, founded  Chattanooga’s Women’s Council of Diversity, and created the Women GroundBreakers Storytelling public event for Women’s History Month. She has received awards from the Women’s Federation for World Peace and Nation of Women. 

  Deborah is also a pioneer in religious diversity beginning with coordinating the 1990 National Workshop on Christians and Jews, speaking at the 100th anniversary of World Parliament of Religions, and serving as consultant to the Union of American  Hebrew Congregations. She founded the DuPage/ Chicago Interfaith Resource Network (DIRN) and has published award-winning books on religious diversity, one of which was taken to the Vatican as a gift for Pope Francis. Her book, When Hate Groups March  Down Main Street: Engaging a Community Response, is the culmination of decades of work counteracting hate groups including her experience with neo-Nazis during her tenure at Tulsa’s Jewish Federation after the Oklahoma City bombing.

  Giving others a voice has been her mission and for the past 15 years, the American Diversity Report has published more than 1,000 articles from writers around the world. A blogger before the term existed, Deborah has always been a pioneer online. She studied computer programming in the 1960s and became an office IT manager in the 1980s.  She is both a futurist and a historian.

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