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Bleep Bulimia Episode 62 with Joseph Corella Choreographer, Movement Coach & Creator of 567BROADWAY


Wonderful chat with Joseph about the amazing mental and physical impact dancing has.  This was a beautiful conversation without the direct composition about bulimia, however, it does relate in a way of a great release of anxiety, depression, and overwhelms.


How many of you out there love to dance, and just don’t anymore because of life’s expectations?

A fun fact we talk about is ballet.  I wanted to be a ballet dancer however I was too tall.  That didn’t stop me.  Dad and Mom danced the jitterbug, and Dad taught me how to “listen” and communicate with the hands of my partner.   I took Jazz Ballet and many other dance styles.  I even taught 20-year-olds when I was 38 how hands work when dancing with a partner and how to flip them by having them do that to me to practice before they did it with their dates :).  Dancing is life.   That is why Joseph was so important for me to have on this podcast.  Even if you “wanted to be a dancer”, you always can be and Joseph is your biggest fan!

I remember when I was bulimic, and truthfully would not be during the times I would go out with my girlfriend Dee and just dance.  Just dance…  As Joseph explains, dance is a great way to resolve life issues if you let yourself go.

I love when Joseph has his little quotes.   Listen to the Podcast to hear them.  Beautiful.  One of two of my favorites is “Dance it out”.

I highly recommend signing up even if just for ONE Saturday to his dance/movement class.  Check out how much fun people are having on his website

Joseph is obviously humble.  So here is more about him and I had to cut some info out so please visit his site.

Joseph Corella is a Choreographer, Broadway performer, dance teacher, and fitness instructor, but at his core, Joseph is a teacher. 

Using his dance, theatre, and fitness background, he has traveled the globe, spreading this love and understanding of the importance of movement to such places as Japan, France, England, and Canada, as well as dozens of cities across the United States.  Joseph’s connection to movement started in his early childhood with extensive training in jazz, tap, contemporary, and ballet. At thirteen, he became a member of famed choreographer Marguerite Derricks’ prestigious dance company, Tremaine Teen Company, and shortly thereafter appeared in Disney’s Geppetto alongside pop superstar Usher. 

In 1997, Joseph was named American Dance Awards’ Teen Male Dancer of the Year. Soon after, the band Tropic Zone was created around Joseph and 2 others, with whom he toured extensively, including the US. 

He teamed up with fitness guru, Cassey Ho of Blogilates and Pop Pilates creator, for a YouTube collaboration, seen by her 4.4 million followers. 

Joseph is the owner/creator of 567BROADWAY! A New Musical Workout.

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