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Bleep Bulimia Episode 63 with Shira Charpentier Her Story of Recovering from Eating Disorders & Founder of Beyond Rules Recovery


Shira kindly shares her story of struggling with her eating disorders and followed by the wonderful sharing of her recovery and how it led her to what she is doing today.

We bring up the issues of finding the right help because not everyone is adaptable to one type of support.

Shira started very young and did transition from what she says was anorexia to bulimia and did struggle for 25 years.  Now recovered, she has started her own Not For Profit.

Before COVID, Shira and her husband even had those seeking recovery living in their home.  She says as challenging as it was, it was worth every minute.

You can learn more about the wonderful organization called Beyond Rules Recovery by going to  and you can also find them on Social Media, including Facebook.

Thank you so much, Shira, for this wonderful podcast.

More about Shira:

Shira, the founder of Beyond Rules Recovery has lived through her own eating disorder and was in and out of traditional treatment until she realized she had it within herself to make changes toward recovery. She created an environment to recover and empowered herself to take ownership of her own future. She has been in recovery for 8 years and is passionate about helping others achieve full recovery; no matter their age or how short or long they’ve been struggling. She brings hope and inspiration to people worldwide. 

Beyond Rules Recovery provides support and empowerment to help people achieve full recovery from their eating disorders, educate on risk factors and early intervention, build awareness about the significant effects to individuals and families, and change the outcome of future generations susceptible to eating disorders. 

We were founded in June 2019 and have impacted individuals and families all around the world. For some, it is the first time in 20+ years they have realized they have the potential to recover fully from their eating disorder and have gained the confidence to make necessary changes that will forever impact the course of their life. We are 100% peer-run and led, providing an even greater opportunity for people to connect authentically, find positive role models, and be inspired to reach full recovery.

Beyond Rules Recovery was designed to assist individuals to realize their own potential to recover, love themselves and their bodies, and develop a life outside their disorder. We believe in people and are living examples of what life after an eating disorder could look like, while realizing the challenges and hurdles that are involved with making the decision to recover. 

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