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Bleep Bulimia Episode 67 with Christa Elza Owner of Elive Health

Christa graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2000.  She was immediately drawn to Emergency Medicine and was a trauma nurse for 8 years.  She was able to experience working in this field in hospitals around the country including New York City and Norfolk, Virginia.

Christa earned her Masters’s Degree in Nursing from Texas State University in 2018 and is a board-certified nurse practitioner in Family Practice Medicine.  She was the sole practitioner in a clinic specializing in weight loss, hormone balance, and aesthetics.  During this time she realized the toolbox of what she could offer for health solutions was too limited for how she wanted to serve her patients. She wanted a better way to help women achieve lasting health results.  With that vision in mind, Christa began her journey with the School of Applied Functional Medicine, learning the root cause approach to personalized healthcare.

In August of 2020, Christa launched her virtual health practice, Elive Health, and is now able to provide help to women around the country via webcam.  As a functional-medicine expert, she specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors of fatigue, hormone balance, thyroid issues, digestive issues, and more.  Christa uses breakthrough diagnostic testing that’s rarely done in conventional settings to uncover the hidden causes of why women feel the way they feel.  

In her free time, you can find Christa spending time with her husband of 17 years, Jon, their 3 boys, + her golden retriever, Tori.  She is now living in the San Antonio, TX area and loves being outdoors, skiing, traveling, hanging out poolside, + spending time with friends.

You can reach out to Christa by going to:

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