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Bleep Bulimia Episode 71 with Jessica Setnick Eating Disorder Specialist

Jessica explains that the Eating Disorders Boot Camp is the premier training workshop for health professionals who want practical tools for helping individuals with eating disorders ASAP. 

Taken by thousands of professionals since 2003, Boot Camp was updated in 2021 and provides the info on eating disorders care that is desperately lacking from medical, nursing, and allied professional schooling. 

Topics include assessment and counseling, medical complications, co-occurring conditions (obsessive-compulsive disorder, addictions, etc.), treatment teams, recommending higher levels of care, families, and much, much, more. 

Eating Disorders Boot Camp is now available completely online in mp3s, video, and printables, and also includes a 30-minute consultation call with Jessica Setnick at no additional charge. A group option is available to train staff at an entire practice or facility.

Eating Disorders Boot Camp provides 34 hours of pre-approved Continuing Education Credit for CDR-credentialed professionals and information is available for other types of professionals to request credit from their accreditation organizations.

More about Jessica:

Jessica Setnick is known by eating disorder professionals worldwide for bringing a new vision of eating disorder care to the field. Through her training workshop, Eating Disorders Boot Camp, and hundreds of conference and community presentations, Jessica has spread her message to thousands of healthcare professionals, educators, college students, and others. Combining authenticity, two decades of expertise, and her unique ability to translate complicated topics into practical tools, Jessica connects with audiences on a deep level, whether from a podium or across cyberspace.

You can reach out to Jessica by email at or by going to  

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