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Bleep Bulimia Episode 72 with Rick Carson Author of Taming Your Gremlin

“A Surprisingly Simple Method for Getting Out of Your Own Way” is the tag line for the Taming Your Gremlin book by Rick Carson.  It was in 2013, 2 years recovered from the “act” of bulimia that I was introduced to his book through a coaching program I was taking through Handwriting University called the PRISM Life Redesign Program designed by Bart Baggett, the Founder.  He explained to me his mother convinced him this book would be valuable.  I agree. 

As a recovered bulimic after 30 years, (now going on 12 years recovered) Rick’s book was what I needed to address the “final” steps towards recovery and the steps towards self-awareness, moving forward, and “noticing”.

When I contacted Rick to ask him to be on my Podcast (I do have two so we did manage to share Rick’s message to both), he agreed, feeling that Bleep Bulimia listeners would find value in his message, and I was so thrilled. (Super EXCITED would be a better way of expressing my feelings)  However, I also believe that there are many Coaches and guests who have been on the LIFT Your Story podcast who would benefit from listening to this.  Hence, my co-host Roy was invited to represent that Podcast.  Thank you, Roy.

I hope you really get something out of this because for years I have reread and reviewed my copy of the book and now I am reading A Master Class In Gremlin Taming.  I am halfway through it, and Rick has advised me that the really exciting part is in the last half – Now I am even more anxious to get through it!

Truly an honor to have Rick Carson on our podcast.   In my journey in life, he is one of the top legends.  I can’t put him above God.  Sorry, Rick. 🙂

I can say I wish I had been introduced to this book earlier in my life, and maybe I would not have gone 30 years struggling with bulimia.  On the other hand, I am grateful I did at all!   Be it during your recovery, or even post-recovery, it’s a gem to have.  In fact, it’s a gem to have at any time for anyone!

Rick does give us some information at the end of this podcast regarding his 2023 program.  You can also create a group and he will work the program out for your group. 

You can reach him at or take a visit to his “simple” website  

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