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Bleep Bulimia Episode 75 with Leah Sharing Her Story of Recovery

Leah is brave in sharing her story, as were my previous guests.  In this case, I found it interesting that, as Leah said, not many women start later in life to have an eating disorder.  Although it is becoming more common, it is still outside of the norm.

Most women who struggle with later issues with eating disorders did start in their earlier years.  This is true.  So that Leah shared as a person who started later in life, and that her story coincides with the Pandemic and too with anxiety, is very interesting.

As noted in this podcast episode, Leah felt it was a long time.  It took her a year to reach out.  And it took her another year to find the proper support.  In my mind, I wish all those who suffered for 10, 20, and 30 years had that same feeling of it being a long time.  And for finding support sooner.

I have to reiterate that I give accolades to Leah for opening up.  It’s not easy.  And yet it’s so important to my listeners to know they are not alone.

Here is the link to the article Leah referenced:

How “Playing the Tape Forward” Helped Me Stay Sober

Why this visualization technique is one of the most powerful recovery tools that I know.
By Benya Clark

Do you have a story?  Please contact me if you are ready to share it.

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