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Bleep Bulimia Episode 79 with Spencer Bishins Author of Social Security Disability Revealed and Eating Disorders Categorized

Very interesting conversation with Spencer.  Who knew that Social Assistance was available to people with eating disorders?  I know I am in Canada, however, I think the conversation about mental health and how Bulimia falls under this category, is really important for my listeners to know, globally.

You can find Spencer at

The site includes the book overview, where to purchase, and links to both interviews and Spencer’s social media links.

More about Spencer:

Spencer Bishins has a master’s degree from the London School of Economics, and a law degree from Florida State University. Working for SSA for more than 10 years, he drafted or reviewed thousands of disability decisions. After leaving SSA, he wanted to help demystify the complicated disability system. His first book, Social Security Disability Revealed: Why it’s so hard to access benefits and what you can do about it, explores the obstacles that disability claimants face as they try to access benefits.


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