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Bleep Bulimia Episode 74 with Shani-Lee Wallis Author of War With Myself

This was a very inspiring Podcast, where Shani shares her journey through recovery.  I loved that she focussed on what it is truly about.  Emotions.  At times it starts off differently, however, it always transitions into that emotional realm.

The question to ask, as Shani so clearly states, is the “Why”.  Used in business, and why you want to succeed, rarely is it used for this.  Thank you, Shani, for speaking about this.

Wonderfully honest and open, and I love that Shani shared her story for anyone out there struggling to listen to.

Bulimia can be beaten, and without ever wanting to go back.  This is the truth.

You can find her at and on FB War With Myself No More.

More about Shani-Lee:

Shani-Lee grew up in Newcastle, England with childhood secrets that manifested into a battle with Bulimia.

She emigrated to Arizona, where she started to unpeel the complex layers of emotions that her secrets had inflicted. As she incorporated life-changing habits into her lifestyle, she was able to heal and overcome her turbulent and dangerous relationship with her eating disorder.

Writing was always just a therapeutic outlet until she realized she had something valuable to share. Turning her own journey of self-help into a path to help others, is how War with Myself was born.

 What is she doing now?

Shani-Lee is getting ready to launch a series of in-person & online workshops to help those that will benefit from peer mentorship. 

 Each workshop will encompass and encourage the principles of EDIT.

a method that helps you to understand your Eating Disorder Voice, exploring why it’s there in the first place and how it serves a purpose.  It transitions into Intuitive Therapy which encourages you to open up and heal from within and gain new skills to aid in your recovery.

 Mindful movement, journaling, group work, meditation, affirmations, sponsorship, acts of kindness, and more… 


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