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Bleep Bulimia Episode 80 with Alison Rothman Founder of Embody My Life – Sharing Her Story of Recovery

Beautiful episode with Alison who shares about her eating disorder and her journey to recovery.  What an amazing story about using holistic practices to heal.  As I often say, this podcast is about finding the RIGHT solution for YOU.   Alison’s story is one that speaks to using our life experiences to heal and recover.   

Alison speaks to the combination of how this holistic yoga, meditation, walking, art and group, nutrition therapy… and more.  It was accessing yourself from so many angles.  I love that.

Alison wrote an article about addiction recovery and wrote about being a “recovered addict” and was called on that by someone.  The person’s vision was “once an addict always an addict”, and Alison disagrees.  I agree with Alison.  Recovery is achievable when it comes to eating disorders.

I truly am always grateful for my guests who share their stories about their own journeys, and I do hope that my listeners feel the same.

“Allow this eating disorder to release its grip on us…”  What powerful words.  And OH MY GOSH being weighed at a young age and being tall?  I could relate so much!  Stories Alison shared that were so parallel.

Please visit Alison at

Alison always has various programs, retreats, and offerings running so she is just putting her website there for simplicity!

She does have a FREE Guided Meditation on her website if you sign up for her email list.

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