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Bleep Bulimia Episode 84 with Tricia Parido International Master Addictions Coach Specializing in Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating, and more…

What an amazing guest.  Tricia Parido, an International Master Addictions Coach shares her own struggles for 30 years with her eating disorders and recovery process.  Tricia has an amazing amount of energy and passion for helping others to recover as well. 

Tricia’s journey is filled with past trauma and I love her 5 main core values to follow.   Leaving the past behind is important. 

We spoke about forgiveness, about how Tricia helps with filters and moving forward on the path to full recovery.

Thank you, Tricia, for such wonderful wisdom, and for sharing.

You can find Tricia by going to or

More about Tricia:

Tricia Parido is a Nationally Certified Life Coach and International Master Addictions specialist, who loves to help change lives! She is on the front lines of making life better for those who so desire and she has a passion to equip individuals with the right life skills and help them set the right aspirations, so they can live life and live it freely!

Tricia Parido is also a Writer, Personal Life Coach, Professional Life Interventionist, and Master Addictions Coach based in California. As an active business owner of a thriving coaching practice, she not only teaches her clients how to live the life they desire and “live free”, but she also teaches those that aspire to become professional coaches how to do so, passionately and professionally. She has co-authored a recent release of Raising the Bar, which was featured on Innovators Radio and NBC and has been published on She currently serves as Founder/Director of Turning Leaves® Recovery, Life, and Wellness Coaching, a nationally certified coaching practice whose mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care that will guide individuals toward an empowered and improved quality of life and wellness. Her practice is built upon her personal attributes of passion, compassion, advocacy, objectivity, and honesty. Specializing in life transitions and post-treatment, Parido is ever committed to assuring that those whom she is entrusted with are motivated and empowered to conquer their life challenges and addictions.

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