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Bleep Bulimia Episode 85 with Ulrika Karlsson, Author, Intuative Impath, and Soul Coach, on bulimia recovery and triggers

I so enjoy having Ulrika as a guest.  Also known as Ullis Karlsson, Ulrika is an author who is a very spiritual person. 

Ulrika speaks to health, healing, and eating disorders when it comes to fears and triggers.  I find it fascinating how she brings up triggers are important and are a sign of passing.  It’s important to get used to not be comfortable to keep being healthy and free.

On February 11th it was my 12th anniversary of being recovered, and we spoke to the fact that I didn’t let it trigger me to go back to what was “comfort” in my bulimia and made me realize I truly was recovered.

Holy F*ck and Sacred Water is one of Ulrika’s first books and was mentioned to be the book of the year by the readers.  Since then she has authored The Sacred Soul and written a chapter in the book The Potent Power of Menopause.

There is a lot of interesting information about these books in this episode and the fire element inside of us who struggle with eating disorders.   The energy we use up and burning up the water within us.  How we end up with less energy.  And even to that the sexuality is quite often affected. 

Please listen to this full episode to really hear the balance between the female and the male in us.  And to the menopause, it was interesting because we spoke to the fact both men and women go through this and that it is time to “pause”.

We even touch on Government (controlling people). 

I asked Ulrika why she was Ullis prior, knowing her real name.  She said Ullis was her nickname and she worked to reclaim what her real name means: The Magnificent.

You can contact Ulrika at  If you would like to purchase her books, please contact her directly.  If you do want a signed copy, you can, however, shipping charges would be extra.

Links to Ulrika’s Karma clearing and books Holy F*ck and Sacred Soul below.

Karma clearing:

Holy F*ck:

 Sacred Soul:

Again, it was such a pleasure to have Ulrika on my show for the third time and I know you will be able to relate to much of this.

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