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Bleep Bulimia Episode 87 with Benjamin The Dream Wizard on Bulimia Possibly Causing Dream Skews and Distortions

I remember first being on Benjamin’s podcast.  I felt comfortable right away.  I was intrigued by my dreams.  I had struggled with a recurring one.  We addressed that one.

With two to three hours he shares with his guests on his Podcast The Dream Wizard, I still didn’t feel it was enough to get into all the weird and grey  (no colour) dreams I had when I was bulimic.

That was for another time.  And this is the episode with Benjamin as a guest that is.

Having said that, it was interesting that after he interviewed me on his Podcast and was making some suggestions as to WHY this recurring dream may be, it became clear and he was spot on, and I stopped having them.

In this episode, you will learn about how dreams can be affected by diet, and emotions, in a fun way.  I appreciate Benjamin more than anyone will know.  It is why I felt compelled to have him as a guest here.

If anyone here who listened can relate to strange dreams that shifted once becoming bulimic or having an eating disorder, I highly recommend connecting with Benjamin.

To those who just decide to listen, I am asking you to please support his animal rescue home by providing even a dollar towards his and his wife’s upkeep of animals in need.  I know the feeling  All my animals are. 

Benjamin will be back as we both speak together as a team on how dreams and handwriting connect.  Both of these are “science” that cannot be proven in absolute, yet can be very accurate to a very interesting degree.  Stay tuned.

You can find The Dream Wizard by going to

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