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Bleep Bulimia Episode 89 with Susan Gold, Humble In Intro as an Author and Coach. She is so much more.

This may be a shorter interview, yet a compelling one, and we didn’t get into all the Los Angeles information about this beautiful lady.

Susan Gold came on and I had a long intro for her and she said just introduce me as an author and coach.  She is so much more than that.

It was an honour having her on my Podcast as I am honoured by all my guests and love that all are not about selling or promoting themselves. 

Susan made that clear in our pre-interview chat.  I am proud that my guests are not here to sell.  They are here to send a message and reach out.  That is what my podcast is all about.  Find the person you relate to and yes!! please find that person.

Susan is GOLD.  I love the story of the body finding intuitively the pain.  I can’t find that to be easy because my body still holds pain.  I love that she spoke to taking the time to find out why.  I, like Susan, struggled with self-love.  Narcissism.  It’s a common word that social media made known, and there’s truth to it.  Too, the empath.  And also the supply a narcissist goes after.  I love that Susan shared about letting go.  And loving yourself.

YOU are what matters.  Please, if you are struggling with bulimia or even self-worth, I recommend Susan’s book, Toxic Family.  It’s more than the title.  It’s about enlightenment.  It’s about transformation.  And as Susan says in the Podcast, it’s where you start to learn about it.  Her book.  And if you need more support… reach out to her.

The beauty of Susan saying about finding the love you feel for you.
You can find it on Amazon by searching  Toxic Family or easier yet, just go to her website

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