My Podcast is specific to sharing experiences about going through Midlife Bulimia. Surprisingly there are so many people who are not even aware of the fact that it exists! The goal is to keep it colourful, educational and light as much as possible!





As I noted above, I want to keep this as simple as possible. This blog will cover topics that arise from my Podcast that is now LIVE!

If you want really deep stuff, go to my other site Bullimiaddict. There I have some pretty rooted blogs about my journey after recovery, and return sometimes back to “when” simply to share. Here, I want experiences, and although bulimia is not funny, there are some aspects that can bring a smile to our face. It’s a big part of my world. 30 years. Even when I was bulimic I would make jokes about it, albeit I didn’t like if others did. Typical, right? Like when someone says something mean about someone in your family. No way! I can say it, and laugh at it, but YOU can’t. ­čÖé So I don’t want anyone to be offended. Afterall, although I am recovered, as I said, it was a big part of my life that even then I thought certain behaviours and actions odd and interesting.

A Guide To Adult Bulimia Recovery
An Illustrated Book About Being A People Pleaser and Finding yourself

“BLEEP” Midlife Bulimia

We are all different, with diverse lives, styles and backgrounds but what is consistent is that all of us are/were looking to reach that time when we are free and we can finally say “BLEEP” YOU BULIMIA.

How To Have Your Cake & Not Eat It All Too

$24.99 CDN

Plus Shipping and Handling ($19.99USD)

Appearance on Bleep “Midlife” Bulimia


Bulimia Recovery Coaching Program for Adults


1 Hour FREE consultation followed by 12-week program with 24/7 contact access ($995USD)

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