Bleep Bulimia Episode 58 with Cristian Hauser The Peruvian Go Giver The Other Side When You Are Reaching Out To A Bulimic

I met Cristian two years ago.  We mention one year, however looking back, it’s been two.  When Forbes Riley started bringing us together. 

At first, I wanted Cristian Hauser to speak about his transformation.  I am amazed at the story he did end up sharing.


His sight from the outside looking at a bulimic is precious.  Many of us who have been and are bulimic don’t hear these stories, and the few of us that do, sometimes they’re not as kind and beautiful.

I appreciate Cristian for sharing his story.  His honesty of “what do you do and how do you eat in front of a person you know is bulimic?’ (paraphrasing).

Cristian has an amazing story too, which was why I invited him.  Being an imposter to others.  Bulimia is about that.  Feeling like you don’t belong.  Bulimics feel that quite often.  Alienated.  Hiding.  Scared to be YOU. 

I did ask Cristian to share his new beginnings with his course.  It’s important that we support each other as humans.  And accept the good, the bad, and the ugly.  And loving all of that bundle with all our heart.

You can find out more about Cristian at

Truly a wonderful young man and grateful I met him and that he is in my life.  Just added meeting him in person to my bucket list. 🙂

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