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Bleep Bulimia Episode Nine with Jetty Nieuwenhuis Influence and CEO Trujetty

The healing from bulimia began when Jetty was 37, after the loss of her parents.  One might think that the stress and grief of her loss would have the opposite effect.

Jetty, the youngest child in the family and twenty years younger than her brother, explains the start of her struggle with bulimia.  She states she really didn’t have any sibling connection with the age difference.   When she got married, her husband did know about her bulimia, however was not sure how to deal with it, which is common with spouses and families of bulimics.

Jetty’s dream was to be a model, yet she explains she felt too short, too fat, not good enough.  This pattern seemed to exist in many aspect of her life, not just physical.  A people pleaser, as is common with bulimics, Jetty said she felt it was the best way to get attention.  She did try to distance herself from conflict, in particular with her father, who had suffered from PTSD.

Jetty did state that although she was a pleaser, she was also a disrupter, which she carries now with pride as she moves forward from her previous role as online wellness and fitness coach to influencer.  Her passion is to empower women and to encourage them to have a voice and be at peace with who they are, inside and out.

You can find and follow Jetty on Instagram at @Trujetty.  She loves hearing from her followers and responds to any questions you have for her.  There you can also find her other social media links below her bio.

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