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Bleep Bulimia Episode 11 with Lisa Arnold Portrait Photographer and Podcast Host of How do You Want To Be Seen

How Do You Want To Be Seen?  What a lovely question and one that Lisa asks her clients during the introductory session.

From a small used camera that she received as a gift at 17, Lisa found it to be such a great experience to photograph everyone.  From there she began photographing wedding and learning about “being seen”.

Lisa tells of the story of having a beautiful bride who did not want herself photographed and realized no one is immune.  During the shoot, Lisa explains that the bride to be became more at ease simply from the power of being “seen”,   This experience inspired Lisa to become a portrait photographer.

At the beginning Lisa would ask “how do you want to be photographed” and realized it was not the best question, as no one knew.  Hence her change to the question “how do you want to be seen?”.

From the story of a mother and daughter together, a mother doing everything right by her daughter, suddenly catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror and puts herself down.  This reaction has the potential of affecting the daughter.

“Reflecting back to them the beauty that I see”, is what Lisa does with her work.  She truly creates art out of her portraits. 

I suggest that those who are struggling with bulimia and their body image to step back and take time to go have your portrait done.  See that beauty reflected back to you through art, the art of photography.

To connect and view Lisa’s beautiful artistic portrait photography visit and to listen to her Podcast visit How Do You Want To Be Seen.  You can also find her on Facebook at and on Instagram @lisaarnoldphotography

ColorNote To sign up as a guest on my podcast visit You can also visit us on FB at For support group you can visit FB at On instagram @bullimiaddict and @bleepbulimia 10 year blog is at, as is the link to get the book How to Have Your Cake & Not Eat It All Too (also at

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