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Bleep Bulimia Episode 20 with Alexis Smith Eating Disorder Survivor and Speaker

Alexis shares her experience going through anorexia and her journey towards recovery.

Alexis experienced depression at a young age in grade 7, and says at the time she wasn’t sure what it was.  She had always been very involved in sports and music.   A year later she felt better, and in grade 9 decided to pursue a healthier regiment with better eating and exercising.  She said it may have even started a year before when she was tracking everything with her Fitbit.  In trying to fit all the goals that the technology set for her, it began to be a decline mentally and physically.

Her parents were suspicious and eventually it was revealed that Alexis had an eating disorder, something that Alexis herself had started to realize.

She spent time in the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She was there 6 days and had a feeding tube, which followed her home and remained with it for four months.

Alexis says she was not rebellious, however she did have resistence against her meal plan, and for some time she didn’t want to recover.

Her message to listeners is recovery is possible and “so worth it”.

She is a psychology undergrad and will be applying with clinical mental health programs with plans on opening her own practice specializing in eating disorder recovery.

We spoke to parents and how the communication transpired that led to her hospitilization, to Alexis explaining the healing of her body was important before she could heal her mind, and her experience with her therapist.

Alexis has her own podcast that covers many aspects of mental health called The Every Ounce Podcast, and she can be found on Instagram where she has resources for people going through recover for all ages @everyounce.ofstrength.

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