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Bleep Bulimia Episode 76 with Josie Warren Chronic Illness Expert and On Recovering from Her Eating Disorder

Josie Warren and I discussed her work, and why she became a Chronic Illness Expert.  Part of that was overcoming her own struggle with bulimia, which she is now recovered 7 years from.  Josie says she thought she would be a lifetime bulimic and is happy to have learned that she could indeed overcome it. 

Josie started her bulimia at about 12 in 7th grade, and in high school, it became more regular, three to seven times a day, daily for well over a decade.

Josie came from a family of bulimics and eating disorders.  There was a time that she would have said it was because of her family and she was fated to be bulimic.  She changed her mindset saying she was the one who chose bulimia. 

Bulimia is not visible.  It is a secret to the one who is bulimic.  “I could hide it behind a closed door,” says Josie. 

We chatted about how we thought other people thought about us was really about how we really felt about ourselves. 

What inspired Josie to seek recovery?  Her deteriorating health condition was the reason.  The avenues of therapy were not working.  Someone suggested connecting with A New Life Center in Colorado.  She went in for her auto-immune issues and chronic illnesses.  She was accepted into their program and found out that chronic stress was the reason for her illnesses.  This led to dealing with those suppressed stresses, and with that, a magical thing happened and her bulimia also was cured. 

Josie speaks to the sympathetic, flight, or fight stage of stress, and entering into the para-sympathetic nervous system, where the body regains homeostasis.

Wonderful information.  A must listen to.

To connect with Josie, please visit

This link takes you to her website and a contact form. From here, you can connect and see how Josie might best help .you

Her website will also give more information about my program and unique perspective on wellness. 


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